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When replying please advise the section (Requests or Offers) and the Number or Letter you refer to.


No. 1:

For our Members and clients in Germany and other countries of the European Union
we are searching for well educated staff (fluent English is requested additional languages are of advantage) who has good connection to the one or other of  the following Industries:

- Galvanisation
- Paint, Varnish-
- Paper-
- Pharmaceutical-
- Food- and Feed- 
- Plastic-
- Soap and Detergent-
- Water Treatment-
- Petrochemical-
- Mining-
- Electroindustry

Our Members are worldwide known producers and/or suppliers and / or end-users of various goods and would like to develop their business areas either in buying material from Iran or selling material to Iran.

They are looking for persons who are willing to work as agents for these companies and/or as employees respectively as responsible persons for respresentitive offices of such companises.
Persons who should be interested are welcome to contact us by email:


No. 2:

Members are looking for university graduates or other academic persons living in Iran with good connection to various Industries looking for strong business partners in Germany developing a mutual long-term business relationship. Persons who should feel concerned should send his/her complete Curriculum Vitae including References and Description of his/her connections to us indicating the section of advertising and Number or Letter they refer to. Contact email address:
























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iran consult
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